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Fw: Transform an organization with visual learning | XPLANE|EXTRA! #13

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Hi Ling!

Every other week, XPLANE sends you a simple, visual story
that quickly brings you up to speed on issues that are critical
to your business success. This week we show you how visual learning
in business increases understanding and accelerates implementation.

1) EXTRA!: Transform an organization with visual learning

A CEO feels he must point his company in a new direction or get
killed in the marketplace. He has committed his thoughts to
paper -- 25 pages of dense text and spreadsheets. Now he turns
to getting buy-in from his managers and employees. How can he
make sure that everyone "gets it" -- quickly?

2) Web resources: Sales, marketing and business links from bBlog

Charting Your Company's Future
"Few companies have a clear strategic vision. The problem...
stems from the strategic-planning process itself, which
usually involves preparing a large document, culled from a
mishmash of data provided by people with conflicting agendas.
That kind of process almost guarantees an unfocused strategy.
Instead, companies should design the strategic-planning
process by drawing a picture: A strategy canvas." (Requires
free registration.)

Web resources: Visual thinking and design links from xBlog

Communicating meaning: Drawing in leadership
"In his book Art is Work, the graphic designer Milton Glaser
states, 'The act of drawing has nothing to do with being an
illustrator. We draw because it enables us to see... Drawing
is the path to observation and attentiveness.'"


XPLANE helps executives at business organizations develop a
shared vision, both internally and with customers and others.
XPLANE consults with your executives and selling stars to arrive
at a visual customer-centered story, making your value
proposition transparent and compelling. Learn more about us at
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