Wednesday, September 22, 2004

EVENTS : Malaysian Film festival

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Subject: Malaysian Film festival

Cathay Organisation is very proud to bring to Singapore for the first time
the Malaysian Film Festival , a collection of cutting edge Malaysian films
that we have put together to showcase the Malaysian film industry today.
From feedback from my staff some of the following are worth watching:-
Sepet - world premiere in Singapore ( film not even released in Malaysia
Bukak Api ( about transvestites) - very controversial,
Spinning Gasing and
The Beautiful Washing Machine.

The festival is on starting from tomorrow for a week - we are having 2 shows
a day! For those of us with a love for film it is a good opportunity to see
how far my ex countrymen have come in this wonderful world of celluloid. If
you have the time, try and catch a Malaysian film this week!


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