Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Chooses Maya

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Chooses Maya

Attracting the World's Best Animators
In addition to the technical benefits that Maya brings to projects, the software's ability to attract top animation talent was another key selling feature for Lucasfilm. Rob Coleman, animation and development director at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore commented: "One of the benefits of choosing Maya is the enormous talent base using the software. It is wonderful to know that we can find Maya animators and technical directors in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and the rest of the world. Maya is highly regarded in the world-wide animation community; so, between the draw of the software and the appeal of the Lucasfilm name, we've already been able to attract some top talent." Lucasfilm Animation Singapore will be continuing to recruit experienced Maya artists in the coming months.


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