Monday, May 28, 2007

Wildmama TV : Eliza and the Rainbow Dragons at SICAF KOREA
listed overseas Nominee at SiCAf : Seoul international Cartoon and Animation Festival ( Korea)


Hosted at the SETEC
Exhibition Hall Over 3 days from May 23rd to May 27th2007.

Come to SPP, View Asian Contents In One Scoop!
The Market of Opportunity to Create New Business.

SPP(SICAF Promotion Plan) is a specialized market place to connect the cartoon and animation projects selected across the Asia with the investors, co-production partners from all over the world. This year, many promising and newly developed Asian cartoon and animation projects will be gathered in SPP Project Competition. Also, thru the various conference programs joined by industry professionals from across the world, you can network and keep up with more focused and up to date business information.

During the festival period, the attendees will be offered with the meeting rooms at business center and the lounge to enjoy more comfortable networking and communication experience. Along with the mailbox and the screening rooms available, we believe your business opportunities and conveniences will be maximized at SPP.
This year's edition focused on two main themes which are 'Global' and 'Festival' that simply enjoy the fun beyond the boundary of countries and generations. SICAF showcased various exhibitions and events based on a High-IT technologies, cartoons and animations. The Animated Film Festival presented domestic and international animated films that give an opportunity to take a view of energetic and possibility of current animation works. In addition, the SICAF Promotion Plan(SPP) was the right place for international business networking and looking for business resources and partners.


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